Wedding Photos Checklist

This is a traditional shooting sequence, but may vary on your particular setup.

If you are using a wedding planner, please put us in contact with them so that we can coordinate accordingly.

If you will be having a rehearsal, please include us. We don't need to attend any after-rehearsal dinners, just the rehearsal itself. This will help us get acquainted with the venue as well as getting a vibe for your particular flow of the event.

  • Initial venue walkthrough
  • Hair and makeup of the bride (if applicable)
Pre-vows, the men:
  • The groom
  • The groom with best man
  • The groomsmen
  • The groom with mom
  • The groom with dad
  • Parents of the groom
  • Bride's parents with the groom
Pre-vows, the ladies:
  • The bride
  • The bride with maid of honor
  • The brides maids
  • The flower girl
  • All the ladies
  • The bride with mom
Pre-vows, the venue:
  • A view of the guests
  • Wide shot of the venue
Wedding begins:
  • Officiator down the aisle
  • Groom down the aisle
  • Groomsmen and brides maids down the aisle
  • Ring bearer and flower girl down the aisle
  • Bride and father down the aisle
The ceremony:
  • Officiator remarks
  • If applicable, unity symbolism to join families
  • The vows
  • The rings
  • Couple pronounced
  • The kiss
  • Wed couple down the aisle
  • Wedding party down the aisle
After the ceremony:
  • The couple with the entire wedding party and family (this is done immediately so that people that don't need to be included in sub-group photos may leave to do other things)
  • The couple with all family
  • The couple with just bride's family
  • The couple with just groom's family
  • Dismiss all family except parents
  • The couple with both sets of parents
  • The couple with just bride's parents
  • The couple with just groom's parents
  • The bride with both sets of parents
  • The bride with just bride's parents
  • The bride with just groom's parents
  • The groom with both sets of parents
  • The groom with just bride's parents
  • The groom with just groom's parents
  • Dismiss the parents
  • The couple with entire wedding party
  • The couple with just bride's maids
  • The couple with just groom's men
  • The couple with maid of honor and best man
  • The couple with just maid of honor
  • The couple with just best man
  • The bride with all bride's maids
  • The bride with each bride's maid individually
  • The groom with all groom's men
  • The groom with each groom's men individually
  • Dismiss the wedding party
  • The bride and groom
The reception:
  • Introduction of the couple to the guests
  • Beverages and food
  • The couple dance
  • The bride dances with family
  • The groom dances with family
  • The toast by best man
  • The toast by maid of honor
  • Dancing continues
  • Cutting of the cake
  • The bride and groom mingling with guests
After the reception:
  • Guests form a path for departure of the couple
  • The couple exit the reception
  • The couple get in car
  • The couple drive off
Your wedding is important to us. At all times I will have two cameras attached to me, and possibly a third. Both are Canon R5 cameras (the optional third camera is the Canon EOS R). During the ceremony portion, one will have the RF 24-70 f/2.8 lens attached, and the other will have the Canon DG 135 f/1.8 lens attached. For most of the other shots I will have the RF 15-35 f/2.8 lens attached and the other will have the RF 50mm f/1.2 attached.

I will have lighting equipment and modifiers with me (four strobes depending on the lighting needs). For best results, family photos needing strobes should NOT have reflective surfaces in the background (such as windows or mirrors). These will reflect the light back into the camera and will make for unflattering images.

During the reception it may be necessary to use on camera flash equipment due to typically poor lighting conditions. We always point the flash at the ceiling for a bounce effect but I know there are people with sensitive eyes. If this is going to be a problem please let me know in advance.

If you are using a wedding coordinator, please forward our information on to them so we can communicate before the event. Many times it is also convenient for coordination with the DJ and if they want to contact us please share with them as well.
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