Image Restoration

Above are just a few images we've restored.

The first was from a 35mm film negative strip taken circa 1992. The strip was very discolored from age and had a few bends and wrinkles, not very well cared for. But the image came out fairly well and now that's one more memory for the family to enjoy.

The second was from a 4x6 printed paper image and the client wanted all the background removed so the image could be used for a memorial service.

The third was a very old 8x10 printed paper image that went through decades of discoloration. Restored the very faint colors and then added a background.

Don't just throw away all your old negatives, very often that's the best way to get the digital image instead of scanning the paper prints. Click on the CONTACT menu and let us know how many you have and your turnaround time requirements and we'll provide you with a quote of the work that would be done. There would be a 25% deposit required to get started and the balance due upon completion of the project.
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