Significant Cameras I've Owned

(or still own)
Like many photographers, I sold my cameras when I was ready to upgrade, but I managed to reacquire some of them through ebay and friends. I threw in a film camera purely for reference (which I do own).

 Canon R5Canon R6Canon RCanon 5D4Canon 6D2Canon 6D Canon R7Canon M50IICanon 70DCanon T3iCanon XTNikon D70Olympus E20Olympus E10 Canon D30Olympus C2500L Logitech Fotoman Plus Canon FT QL
DxO Rating959089918582 807868656050

Imaging837474757267 63 5752504543

Megapixels452030302620 33 242018865.244 32.50.15film
Max ISO5120010240040000256004000025600 32000 2560012800640016001600320320 1600400200  1600
Focus Points594060725655414511 651 1431997511 31 1 1
Sensor36x2436x2436x2436x2436x2436x24 22x15 22x1522x1522x1522x1524x169x79x7 23x159x75x4  36x24
Color Depth25.324.224.524.824.423.8 25.323.622.522.121.820.4

Dynamic Range14.614.313.513.611.912.1 14.613.311.611.510.810.3

Low Light ISO304233942742299528622340 971971926793637529

Min Shutter303030303030 30 30303030306060 308 1/20 1
Max Shutter1/80001/80001/80001/80001/40001/4000 1/16000 1/40001/80001/40001/40001/80001/6401/640 1/40001/10000 1/2000 1/1000
Servo FPS20205333 30 1033.7332.53 31.2 1 1
Non-Servo FPS2020876.54.5 30 1073.7332.53 31.2 1 1
Raw Buffer18024047212117 42151666445 85 1 1
View Finderevfevfevfprismprismprism evf evfprismmirrormirrormirrormirrormirror prismmirror glass mirror

2.36m 2.36m

LCD3.15"3"3.15"3.2"3"3" 3" 3"3"3"1.8"1.8"1.8"1.8" 1.8"1.8"    
Resolution2.1m1.62m2.1m1.62m1.04m1.04m 1.62m 1.04m1.04m1.04m115k130k120k114k 114k122k    


Max Video8k4k4k4k1080p1080p 4k 4k1080p1080p

Max FPS4k/1206030306030 60 303030

Introduced202020202018201620172012 2022 2020201320112005200420012000 20001999 1992 1966
Price$3900$2500$1900$3500$1600$1500 $1500 $700$1100$800$900$1300$2000$1950 $2990$1500 $800 $270
Adj for Inflation

$775$1354$1020$1321$1973$3238$3247 $4980$2582 $1635 $2390
Still Ownyes

yes yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyes yesyes yes yes

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Official camera names for search engines: Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6, Canon EOS R, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS R7, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 600D (aka Rebel T3i), Canon EOS 350D (aka Rebel XT), Nikon D70, Olympus E-20 (aka E-20N), Olympus E-10, Olympus C-2500L
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