All photo shoots get an image gallery online where you can freely download all your images, and optionally order prints. If you have already had your shoot and need your gallery link please contact us.

We are located in Lake Mary, Florida. You can either come to us, or we can travel to you (travel costs will be applied if outside Seminole County, Florida).

I volunteer my time as the photographer and videographer for Crossings Community Church in Sanford, Florida. Come see me behind the cameras on any given Sunday morning service.

I've been a photographer since 1984. Over the years I switched from film to digital starting with a Logitech Fotoman Plus 0.15mp (yes, that's a fraction of a single megapixel) monochrome digital camera in 1992 so we could photograph truck parts for a catalog for my employer. This was the first ever digital camera available to the general public as a consumer camera.

My first digital SLR (single-lens reflex) was the Olympus C2500L in 1999. It's hard to believe that a professional camera could be only 2.5 megapixels, but in 1999 that was a pretty great system. Stayed with Olympus for a few years, upgrading models, and then went with a Nikon D70 in 2004 (my first interchangeable-lens digital camera). But that didn't last long and I soon acquired my first Canon digital camera shortly after that and stayed with Canon ever since, upgrading models every couple of years.

Current Cameras:
Current Lenses:
Legacy Gear (still own):

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