Please note we no longer provide paper prints as an option.
Once you purchase the digital image(s), you are free to print the image(s) in any sizes or quantities you like. This includes printing at your own home/office, or sending to a printer to have them done on your behalf.

Portraits (personal, group or family)
  • $25.00 per half hour (first half hour collected prior to the shoot, any remaining time will be invoiced and due before files are delivered) + Files (billed separately and individually).
  • A single digital image is $16.05. However, discounts are automatically applied, as follows:
    • Buy 2 (or more) digital images, save 10%
    • Buy 5 (or more) digital images, save 20%
    • Buy 10 (or more) digital images, save 30%
    • Buy 20 (or more) digital images, save 40%
    • Note... these discounts apply to a single order, not applied towards multiple orders, so for maximum savings please put everything in a single order.
  • Additional discounts may be available. Ask us if there are any coupon codes.
  • Travel fees may apply (see below).
  • Optional thumb drive of your images can be provided for $25.00, otherwise purchased images can be downloaded directly from this site at no cost.
Weddings or Events (Photography or Video)
  • $150.00 per hour + $25.00 for thumb drive + Travel (see below).
    • -OR-
    • Wedding Photo Package 1: Pre-Ceremony + Ceremony + Post-Ceremony + Thumb Drive ... $500.00 (travel billed separately)
    • Wedding Photo Package 2: Package 1 + Two hours of reception ... $800.00
    • Wedding Photo Package 3: Package 1 + Full Reception ... $1200.00
  • First hour deposit required at the time of booking.
  • All processed digital image files or video included.
  • An agenda and/or explicit instructions/expectations for the event are required, in writing (electronic or print), prior to the start of the event.
Real Estate or Product Photography
  • $50.00 per hour + Travel (see below).
  • The cost above includes all editing/processing.
  • All processed digital image files and/or video included.
  • An agenda and/or explicit instructions/expectations for the shoot are required, in writing (electronic or print), prior to the start of the shoot.
  • If no video, files will be provided via download only. If video, add $25.00 for thumb drive.
Travel (if applicable)
Travel cost is twenty five cents per mile, round trip, to the site of your shoot from Lake Mary, Florida. This is collected prior to the shoot.

Photo/Video Editing (if applicable)
Some photo/video editing is already included in the price (blemish removal, wrinkle smoothing, etc). But if you want additional photo/video editing, the rate is $25.00 per hour (paid prior to delivery of the finished product).

Video Format (if applicable)
Video will be shot in 4K as long as the total time requirement is four hours, or less. If the total time requirement is more than four hours, recording will be in 1080p.

Other Information
Payments accepted via cash, check, or PayPal.

Please note deposits are non-refundable.

Pricing subject to change without notice.
The images contained on this site are copyrighted © 2014-2020. No reproduction of images is allowed without written consent from Thomas S. Macioszek. All rights reserved. We are located in Lake Mary, Florida. Please click on the Contact menu to reach us.

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